As our AED Program continues to expand along with our campus facilities and student enrollment, we have grown to depend upon LifeGuard for all our AED and CPR training needs. They are a true friend of our school.”
Richard Morton
Dean's Department
Peabody College at Vanderbilt University


LifeGuard Medical Solutions offers accessible, 24-hour customer support and in-depth AED management services. As a Certified Authorized Distributor of AED’s and Accessories, we also partner with leading, respected AED manufacturers whose products are of the highest quality.

When choosing an AED provider, it’s important to consider reasonable prices, healthy inventories and accessible, around-the-clock guidance and product support. In addition, each AED manufacturer offers its own brand of replacement accessory items, including electrode pads and batteries.

Why LifeGuard Medical Solutions?

LifeGuard is known in the industry as a leading national Certified Authorized Distributor of AED’s and Accessories. Having established relationships with the top manufacturers, LifeGuard is able to meet the needs of its large client base – which range from small businesses and organization to large global corporations. Our clients appreciate that we were formed with a true mission following the 1999 cardiac arrest death of our founder’s father. Our mission is: “To Help Save Lives.”

Benefits of Using LifeGuard

Organizations which receive AED’s and Accessories from LifeGuard Medical Solutions receive many benefits, such as:

  • Affordability. With its strong purchasing-power, LifeGuard offers the lowest pricing available.
  • Availability. By managing and maintaining healthy inventories, LifeGuard offers complete product support.
  • Accessibility. LifeGuard offers its clients 24-hour customer service and support.
  • Accountability. LifeGuard offers its thousands of clients complete customer satisfaction.

All AED Brands

LifeGuard provides products and services to support every AED on the market, such as:


Visit our AED Supply Store to view products and accessories available.



At 6:00pm on July 7, 2005, in front of over 200 customers and staff, a 57-year-old gentleman walked into a car dealership at Beaman Automotive Group in Nashville, TN and suffered a sudden cardiac arrest...