The Necessary Components to Managing a Successful AED Program.

Over the past several years, community and business leaders throughout the U.S. have begun recognizing the benefits of having AED’s readily available should a medical emergency occur. Purchasing an AED is a commitment to safety; yet certain components must be considered to ensure a successful AED Program. Specifically, without having responders be properly trained on CPR/AED techniques, and without implementing an effective management system, an AED Program simply cannot be successful. When an AED Program fails, risk is exposed and lives suffer.

“Hands-On” CPR/AED Training

While an AED is designed for ease-of-use by a lay-responder, the effectiveness of the AED is greatly compromised if the responder has not been properly trained in CPR/AED. Through proper training, a responder will learn how to recognize the signs of a cardiac arrest, when to activate the EMS system, and how to administer CPR and use the AED.

Furthermore, although most states have "Good Samaritan" laws in place designed to help indemnify any responder who provides aid to a distressed victim, the risk of exposure to liability still exists. This liability is greatly reduced, however, when the responder has received proper training through a nationally recognized professional training provider, such as the American Heart Association (AHA).

Both OSHA and the FDA, government agencies which oversee workplace safety compliance standards, stress that any organization which has an AED present should have a suitable number of staff members trained in CPR/AED. The class only takes a few hours to complete – but the lessons learned can last a lifetime.

Below are some general details of the “HeartSaver” CPR/AED Certification Course:

  • No previous training is required – the class is designed for everyone.
  • The class incorporates video and “hands-on” training – with no test involved.
  • The class only takes approximately three (3) hours to complete.
  • Students each receive a CPR/AED Certification Card – valid for two (2) years.

LifeGuard Medical Solutions is a leading national Certified Training Center for the AHA. Utilizing its national network of Certified Instructors, LifeGuard provides onsite training to thousands of employees and organizations each year throughout the U.S.

AED Program Management

To enjoy a successful AED Program, an organization must determine not only how to negotiate the steps necessary for proper implementation, but also how to provide effective and long-term management. Implementing an effective AED Program Management system is a required component for any organization which places AED’s within its facilities.

Most importantly, any organization which has an AED must be under the supervision of a Medical Director – a licensed physician whose primary role is to oversee the entire AED Program. The Medical Director provides the guidance necessary to ensure the standard protocols related to effective AED Program Management are in place.

Below are a few of the services which an AED Program Management provider should offer its clients:

  • Send reminders email to perform the Monthly Maintenance Check of each AED
  • Monitor the re-certification training schedules for all CPR/AED responders
  • Monitor the expiration dates of all electrode pads and batteries
  • Provide necessary data management following an AED usage
  • Be available for customer support/service on a 24-hour basis

Providing expert Medical Oversight Direction for our clients throughout the entire U.S., LifeGuard Medical Solutions is known throughout the industry as the national leader in the field of AED Program Management. Complete with its own on-staff Medical Director and a national Medical Advisory Board, LifeGuard Medical Solutions has nearly 20,000 under its continual managed care.



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