Harvard Reynolds


Harvard founded LifeGuard Medical Solutions in response to the 1999 death of his father – the victim of a sudden cardiac arrest. Today, the company is regarded as a national leader in the field of cardiac care.

After being named a Committee Member for the American Heart Association’s Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program, Harvard realized a company was needed which focused solely on providing cardiac care solutions for communities, businesses and organizations on a national scale.

LifeGuard Medical was recently named to the Top 500 List – a list detailed by Inc. Magazine which identifies the Top 500 fastest growing privately-held companies in America.

Chet Frist


Raised in a family of physicians and healthcare providers, Chet founded LifeGuard Medical Solutions with Harvard Reynolds with the mission to provide quality heart safety initiatives throughout the U.S.

As a former Cabinet Member on the Governor’s Staff for the State of Tennessee, Chet offers a quality background focusing on management and policy. His chief responsibility within the company is to continue to provide the executive leadership necessary to allow for proper growth and profitability within the health and safety industry.

Dr. John C. Frist

Medical Director

Dr. Frist is a highly respected physician, Board Certified by the American Medical Association. In 2003, after retiring from his surgical practice, Dr. Frist was appointed by LifeGuard Medical Solutions to serve as its Chief Medical Director.

As a past President of the Medical Staff and Chief-of-Staff at Centennial Medical Center, as well as the Chief-of-Surgery at Park View Medical Center, Dr. Frist is professionally and expertly qualified to serve as the Medical Director for our clients' specific AED Programs.

Chad Breedlove

Director of CPR Training

A Board Certified Athletic Trainer, Chad appreciates the need for our citizens to be educated in proper life-support training. In 2007, he was appointed by LifeGuard Medical Solutions to serve as its National Director of Training.

With a professional background in healthcare and education, Chad incorporates a helpful and informative approach within his teaching methods. Aside from training, Chad’s role also extends to managing all our national CPR training contracts, as well as scheduling and monitoring our national network of Certified CPR Instructors.


 For greater liability protection under federal, state and local “Good Samaritan” laws, it is highly recommended that organizations properly train an appropriate number of employees on CPR techniques and the use of an AED. These lifesaving measures have been proven time and again. ABOUT TRAINING PROGRAMS


 LifeGuard's webAED is a safe and secure online monitoring system designed to offer advanced, turn-key solutions for any AED program. It's the most popular AED tool available. The program’s features allow for comprehensive management of AED equipment and reporting. ABOUT AED MANAGEMENT