Dr. John C. Frist
Medical Director

Dr. Frist is a highly respected physician, Board Certified by the American Medical Association. In 2003, after retiring from his surgical practice, Dr. Frist was appointed by LifeGuard Medical Solutions to serve as its Chief Medical Director.


Medical Oversight Direction is essential to the successful implementation of an AED program. Upon purchase of an AED, organizations should address effective long-term management issues and adhere to required governmental compliance standards.

LifeGuard provides a medical oversight service in which they appoint a licensed physician to serve as Medical Director for all AED programs, ensuring quality of care, oversight, guidance and expertise. Our experienced physicians are qualified to maximize the value of AED programs.

Why LifeGuard Medical Solutions?

With nearly 20,000 AED’s under our continual managed care, LifeGuard is the nation’s largest provider of Medical Oversight Direction. Our knowledgeable staff and team of Medical Directors work closely with our clients to ensure their specific AED Programs are properly managed and monitored. Plus, as all our services are handled in-house (with no out-sourcing), we provide an affordable and single-source solution to addressing and meeting our clients’ individual AED Program needs.

LifeGuard Services

LifeGuard provides the organizations which receive our Medical Oversight Direction many value-added services, such as:

  • Monitor Expirations of the AED’s Pads and Batteries
  • Monitor Expirations of Responders’ CPR/AED Certifications
  • Provide Monthly Email Reminders for Scheduled Maintenance
  • Provide Data Management and AED Loaner (following a usage)
  • 24-Hour Customer Service and Support (with toll-free hotline)


Organizations which receive proper Medical Oversight Direction should expect to receive many standard benefits, such as:

  • Complete AED Program Management
  • Adherence to Governmental Compliance
  • Increased Quality of Care
  • Reduced Exposure to Liability


 With LifeGuard Medical Solutions providing the Medical Oversight Direction for our corporate-wide AED Program, we know all our AED’s are being well-managed and our entire AED Program is receiving the highest quality of care."
Carol Turner, RN
Medical Team
Pitney Bowes, Inc.