LifeGuard implements and manages AED programs for organizations of all sizes—nationwide.

Above all else, LifeGuard Medical Solutions is a company of people. Founded by Harvard Reynolds following the sudden cardiac arrest death of his father, we employ a staff of individuals who are each dedicated to customer service and support. Based upon a foundation of honesty and fairness, we maintain the same corporate mission today as when our company was first formed years ago: “To Help Save Lives”.

Our job is to provide the equipment and education necessary to raise the standard of heart safety within our communities. Cardiac arrest shows no bias towards its victims – man, woman or child, we are all potential victims of cardiac arrest. Accepting this medical fact, we believe our client base should be reflective accordingly – without bias. We hold the responsibility to serve our clients regardless of size, shape or background.

Specifically, our clients range from the small rural church with only a few congregation members, all the way up to the large corporation with thousands of employees and office facilities located throughout the country.

Nationwide Coverage – How Does LifeGuard Do It?

While we are corporately-based in Nashville, Tennessee, LifeGuard Medical Solutions provides products and services to clients throughout the entire U.S. To meet the AED needs of our clients, we maintain a national network of physicians who form our Medical Advisory Board who assist with the implementation and management of all our AED Programs. To meet the CPR/AED training needs of our clients, we also maintain a national network of Certified CPR Instructors who administer the onsite training for our clients.

Whether you are located across town or across the country, the staff of LifeGuard Medical Solutions can meet your specific AED or CPR needs – while also providing the highest quality and most affordable solutions available.

The Small, Local Organization

Too often, in order to concentrate on larger, more profitable clients, service-providing companies refuse to focus upon smaller clients. Not us. We provide AED Programs and onsite CPR training services to small organizations every day. While serving the needs of our large clients is important to our growth, we have an equally important client base consisting of small businesses, schools, churches, health clubs and golf courses. These smaller clients need assistance just as much as large corporations.

The Large, National Corporation

Large corporations with high numbers of employees, especially those with multiple site locations, face greater challenges. Those organizations which are built upon a large scale face a higher level of risk and liability exposure – and they need an experienced and professional company who can meet their specific needs and challenges.

Together with our years of experience working with large organizations and our national coverage network, LifeGuard Medical Solutions is a valuable resource to our large-scale clients. In us, they have a single-source provider whose background is built for meeting the specific and challenging demands required to serve large-scale organizations.

With a focus on providing corporate safety initiatives, LifeGuard Medical Solutions is considered the “gold-standard” provider of CPR/AED services throughout the entire corporate market.



 For greater liability protection under federal, state and local “Good Samaritan” laws, it is highly recommended that organizations properly train an appropriate number of employees on CPR techniques and the use of an AED. These lifesaving measures have been proven time and again. ABOUT TRAINING PROGRAMS


 LifeGuard's webAED is a safe and secure online monitoring system designed to offer advanced, turn-key solutions for any AED program. It's the most popular AED tool available. The program’s features allow for comprehensive management of AED equipment and reporting. ABOUT AED MANAGEMENT